Virginia Attorney General encourages local churches to break Federal law

Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was the headline speaker at a breakfast event sponsored by the Virginia Christian Alliance. Cuccinelli encouraged pastors and ministers to stay involved in politics at the local and state level regardless of restrictions set in place by the Internal Revenue Service.  

Cuccinelli told church leaders :

Let your voice be heard. Speak out and guide your flock toward what is right and what is true. 

The Attorney General even touts the First Amendment’s right to Freedom of Speech as a way for religious leaders to participate in government. He clearly forgets that our country was founded upon the principle that the state and church should be separated.

In the audience was Bishop Harry Jackson, a Maryland social conservative who is well known for condemning homosexuality and for opposing reproductive rights. For the Attorney General to say that Bishop Jackson has the constitutional right to influence his congregation when it comes to local elections while gay and lesbians are denied their equal rights and women are barred from making decisions over their own bodies is ridiculous!

It is widely known that Cuccinelli has high political ambition and he is expected to run for Governor or Senate in the future. We need to end the religious right’s takeover of government by cutting them off in the beginning, at local and state elections. We have to make sure that progressives are elected to office in Virginia otherwise we face a government led by the religious right.