Takeaways From Tuesday: Campaign Finance


For Campaign Finance: $300 million later and nothing to show for it, the Koch brothers have learned that you can't buy the Presidency. Sheldon Adelson poured tens of millions of his personal fortune into PACs supporting conservative candidates from Allen West to Romney, 7 in total, all of whom lost. Romney's campaign - perhaps the most donor-focused campaign in American Presidential history - has shown definitively that a no-limit credit card is worthless if you're failing to connect with voters in a meaningful way. Certainly, the megadonors are going to be a little more careful with their investments next time around.

WHAT WAS AT STAKE: If the Romney camp had come out on top, the place of big money in national politics would have been vindicated in a way like never before. Instead, the GOP has been forced to question the effectiveness of its fundraising and spending strategies.