State Politics Cheat Sheet - 7/8/11

State politics are hard to keep up with. We make it easy by bringing you this week's highlights.

A Right to Work bill was introduced in the New Jersey Assembly just last week, but legislators are sure that the bill doesn’t stand a chance against the labor-friendly legislature.


Gov. Bev Perdue of North Carolina shows her dedication to sustainable energy by vetoing offshore drilling and taking initiative on wind energy projects.


Anti-choice activists in Wisconsin don’t want UW med school to teach abortion procedures since it’s a state institution. UW says that its OB/GYN program could lose accreditation if it stopped teaching those procedures, which would effect many areas of women’s healthcare in the state, not just abortions.


Ohioans are gathering signatures to put a referendum on the 2012 ballot that would amend the state constitution so that Ohio wouldn’t have to follow the federal health insurance requirement law. And at least 5 other states are doing the same thing.


Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is pulling the state out of the coalition that is overseeing the clean-up of the crude oil that spilled into the Yellowstone River one week ago. Sweitzer says Exxon is not being transparent with the public about their actions, and the governor doesn’t want Montana to be part of that kind of organization. Way to stand up for your values!


Last but not least, a word on the infamous Floridian who's all over the news this week. The Casey Anthony verdict upset a lot of people, including legislators in 6 states who are now drafting "Caylee's Law," making it a felony to not report a missing child in a timely manner.