More endorsements! Read more about our great candidates.

Progressive Majority is working to elect progressive champions to state-level offices around the country. So today we're excited to announce another great group of future leaders -- our June and July batches of candidate endorsements for 2012. Here's more about three of them:

Victoria Steele Victoria Steele is running for State Representative in District 9 in Arizona. She is a counselor, educator, successful business owner, and former television and radio broadcaster. Of Native American and German descent, Victoria developed Native Ways, a treatment program for Native American women struggling with substance abuse issues. In addition to her counseling practice, Victoria is a faculty member at Prescott College and the University of Phoenix. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Counseling, Psychology, Environmental Psychology, and Cultural Diversity.
Geraldine Thompson Geraldine Thompson is running for State Senate, District 12 in Florida. Geraldine has devoted her life to advocating for the rights of women, children, minorities and the disadvantaged. Geraldine worked as a teacher for six years in the Orange County Public Schools. She later served as Director of Equal Opportunity and Assistant to the President of Valencia College. In 2006, she was elected to the Florida House of Representatives District 39. She is the first African American female to represent Orange County. Her colleagues elected her to serve as Democratic Leader Pro Tempore, the second highest ranking Democrat in the Florida House, in 2008.
Larry DeMarco Larry DeMarco is running for State Representative in District 161 in Pennsylvania. Larry has earned recognition for his work defending the rights of sexual assault and campus crime victims while working with the National Crime Victim Bar Association. He has been involved in the Delaware County community since moving there in 2008, coaching his son’s athletic teams and serving on the board of the Cohmar Organization. After Governor Corbett’s outrageous and draconian budget cuts, he decided to step up and seek public office.

They are just a few of our amazing endorsed candidates, find out more about them and their campaigns here! And please spread the word to friends and family that may have the chance to vote for our candidates, by forwarding this message on or directing them to

Here's our full list of great candidates endorsed for these rounds:

Dustin Cox, State Representative, District 9
Karyn Lathan, State Representative, District 17
Victoria Steele, State Representative, District 9
Mark Stonebraker, State Representative, District 14
Jackie Thrasher, State Representative, District 20

Lorna Idol, State Representative, District 25
John Kefalas, State Senate, District 14
Andy Kerr, State Senate, District 22
Diane Mitsch Bush, State Representative, District 26

Alix Desulme, State Representative, District 108
Jason Henry, State Representative, District 46
Ricardo Rangel, State Representative, District 43
Louis Reinstein, State Representative, District 98
Joe Saunders, State Representative, District 49
Geraldine Thompson, State Senate, District 12

Tracine Asberry, Minneapolis School Board, District 6
Chuck Berg, State Representative, District 55A
John Bruno, State Representative, District 39A
Jim Carlson, State Senate, District 51
Peter Perovich, State Senate, District 35

Ryan Jolley, State Representative, District 19
Jeremy VanMeter, State Representative, District 78

Larry DeMarco, State Representative, District 161
Elizabeth "Liz" Forrest, State Representative, District 189
David Levdansky, State Representative, District 39
Robert "Rob" Teplitz, State Senate, District 15

Please don't forget to also spread the word about Progressive Majority to progressive candidates you know, or people who are thinking about running for office in the future. They will get access to our exclusive trainings for progressives, and potentially join our farm team for more mentoring, strategy and campaign support.