Monica Stonier - Champion for WA schools, Champion of the week!


Remember Elect Monica Stonier´╗┐? Back in November - and with your help - she pulled out an amazing victory and won her race by only a few hundred votes. Today, this life-long educator is hard at work representing the people of Vancouver in Olympia and fighting for a bright future for Washington's kids by keeping public schools strong and safe. We're proud to announce her selection as Progressive Majority's Champion of the Week!
Since her election, Monica has taken the lead on some very exciting graduation requirement reforms that would allow students who aren't planning on attending a four year college to substitute practical classes in place of some of the usual requirements for graduation. By allowing kids to study what they like, rather than forcing them into a predetermined path that may not be right for them, changing graduation requirements will keep kids from dropping out and leave them better prepared for a career after they complete their education. 
Through her consistent advocacy for much-needed reforms in Washington schools, Monica has proven her dedication to students and to her state. And, she's shown that she's a TRUE Progressive Champion! 
Please join us in thanking Monica for all of her amazing work - we're proud to have her on our team!
Photo credit: Kate Singh